There are over eight million olive trees in the West Bank and Gaza, many of them are hundreds of years old.  For thousands of years they have ensured the livelihoods of the inhabitants of Palestine.  Decades of occupation have compromised the health of these trees and the Palestinian farmers’ ability to maintain them and collect the harvest.  Almost daily, Israel’s army and settlers uproot and burn Palestinian olive trees, and the apartheid wall prevents many from reaching their olive groves.  Nevertheless, Palestinians continue to grow these steadfast trees and reap their fruits.


$1000 & Up

The olive tree’s vast and strong root system supports the trunk, branches, and fruit.



The thick, gnarly trunk of the olive tree withstands the vicissitudes of weather and time.



The olive branch has long served as a symbol of peace throughout the world.


$99 & Below

Palestinians harvest olives in the fall and preserve and press them for nourishment year round.